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What Makes the ROC different?

Our Environment

In close consultation and engagement with both patients and consultants, the ROC has been designed with the specific needs of its patients in mind. We believe that a pleasant and comfortable environment can help to reduce the stress of treatment, which is why we have strived to create spaces that are relaxing.

Our inpatient bedrooms are equipped with en-suite shower rooms, flat screen televisions with numerous satellite channels and radio.

Our chemotherapy chairs are located in individual rooms and are again, fully equipped with flat screen television and radio.

In addition to The Alexandra Hospital’s main restaurant, the ROC has its own coffee lounge. This space has been beautifully decorated and not only offers patients refreshments and the opportunity to socialise with other patients but also, the opportunity to attend support groups and meetings sometimes, long after their treatment has finished.

There for You

The ROC has a number of ‘drop in chairs’, which allows patients who are unwell following their treatment, to come into the centre at any time of the day or night, to be cared for by our team.

Chemotherapy Treatments

We are able to provide a quick and efficient supply of chemotherapy and a comprehensive range of treatments that may be restricted in NHS hospitals with much reduced waiting times. Our service is personable and offers a one to one level of care and support.

Infection Control

At the ROC, we strive to ensure that the risk of infection to our patient is kept as low as possible and we pride ourselves on a very low incidence of MRSA and clostridium dificile. Infection control is, and will remain, one of our top priorities.

Complex Patients

The ROC understands the complex needs some patients may have and has specially trained doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other experienced staff that form a multidisciplinary team.

We are able to provide access to all the services you may require including the latest drug therapies and access to surgical intervention.

We also believe that a safe, clean and relaxed environment is important to your recovery and we provide single patient bays for chemotherapy treatments and single bedrooms for patients who require a longer stay with us. We also have a reverse barrier room for patients who are neutropaenic.

Our patient lounge provides comfortable surroundings for you and your loved ones in order to make you feel at home.

Richmond Oncology