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Richmond Oncology
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Clinical Team

The care offered at the ROC is research based and offers high standards of nursing practice.

Nursing Team

Our qualified nursing team all have a special interest in oncology and chemotherapy and all of our chemotherapy practitioners have a nationally recognised chemotherapy qualification. The ROC is part of the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cancer Network Group

Our nursing team has full access to a multidisciplinary team, which includes dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists; breast care and stoma care nurses and pharmacists.

Resident Medical Officer

A Resident Medical Officer (RMO) is an experienced doctor who is on site twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The RMO will review oncology inpatients and outpatients, review treatment plans, manage the symptoms of chemotherapy toxcities and any other associated problem under the direction of your oncologist.


BMI The Alexandra Hospital is currently undergoing a refurbishment of its seven operating theatres, which when complete, all will incorporate a laminar airflow system. Should you require surgery, either prior to or following your treatment, your consultant oncologist will refer you to one of our specialist surgeons. This will enable both your chemotherapy treatment and surgery to be carried out at The Alexandra Hospital, making your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible.


Our pharmacy will provide any medication required during your stay at the ROC. A specialist oncology pharmacist will be actively involved in your treatment, to ensure that you have a full understanding of the prescribed treatments and answer any concerns that you may have. On your discharge, the centre will return any medication that you brought in with you and the chemotherapy team will arrange any prescribed take medication to be dispensed. Our pharmacy team will counsel you regarding any medication that you may be required to take and fully explain how it should be taken.

Complimentary Therapies

Our physiotherapy team provides a comprehensive range of treatments to patients who are receiving chemotherapy. The range of treatments includes aromatherapy, reflexology and massage, given by an experienced team of chartered state registered physiotherapists. We can also provide you with a range relaxation exercises including tapes for you to listen to.

Richmond Oncology